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Traditional dishes of the Wieliczka Cuisine


One of the oldest Wieliczka style soups which is cooked, or rather brewed, on whey with the addition of smoked cold meats, eggs and horseradish. This sour soup is a „vitamin and mineral bomb” thanks to whey containing more than twenty amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iodine sodium and several enzymes.


How to keep lean meat juicy? The Wieliczka people have found a way to do that. We wrap smoked ham in salt paste and bake it. The salt crust retains all the juices and aromas in the meat. After breaking it open, you can savour the flavour of a piece of piglet and plum sauce, “kopytka” dumplings and raw cabbage salad that make the dish complete.

Capon in salt

The Wieliczka tables would be incomplete without poultry such as a fillet of young chicken. It was smoked and then baked in salt paste. The juicy meat was topped with sauces. We serve paprika sauce with roasted potato slices and sauerkraut salad.

Eggs in leeks

The leek, a biennial vegetable, has been used in Viennese cuisine since the Middle Ages: added to many dishes and respected as much as onions or garlic. Finely chopped raw leeks were mixed with chopped eggs, cream, a bit of mayonnaise and seasoned with salt and pepper. We spread this paste on slices of Wieliczka bread.