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Karczma Halit-en

In the city centre opposite the Salt Mine you will certainly savour the favourite dishes of the Wieliczka people.

You are welcome to enter the restaurant building which has been on the maps of Wieliczka already in 1638.


Meeting place where you can eat tasty food and drink.


Salt in the form of unusual crystals, without which dishes, their storage and preparation would have a completely different value.


Place where not only food is made but also a special bond is formed between those who cook and those who eat.


With its past, traditions and tastes.

A little bit of history

A long, long time ago… This is how the history of Karczma Halit – Kuchnia Wielicka (Halit Inn – Wieliczka Cuisine) begins. It was the thirties of the 17th century. Marcin German, a miner and a surveyor, was wandering the length and breadth of the then Wieliczka. Equipped with surveying instruments, he patiently checked, took detailed notes and then carefully plotted the course of the roads and buildings with his skilful hand. Among the mapped buildings, German drew a small cottage just opposite „Góra Daniłowicz”. Nearly 400 years have passed since these first plans of the town and the mine were drawn but the passing of time has only strengthened the tradition: today, the site of the Sarmatian cottage is exactly where Karczma Halit – Kuchnia Wielicka is situated. Is today’s Karczma Halit still the very same cottage? The mining town of Wieliczka has not spared from the turmoil of the past: it was destroyed by fires and foreign armies marched through its streets… However, in the 1990s during the renovation of our Karczma, we discovered something absolutely unique – a beam with a compass rose and the date: AD 1632! This piece of wood is like a solid bridge that connects the today’s Karczma Halit – Kuchnia Wielicka with the world documented by Marcin German. The discovery of the date 1632 gave the history of Halit a new colour. Our Kuchnia Wielicka (Wieliczka Cuisine) grew out of a strong Sarmatian foundation, so in our search of flavours we went on a journey into Wieliczka’s past. We delved in traditional recipes, reached for local inspirations and spiced them up with a pinch of contemporary Wieliczka salt. Karczma Halit is famous for its old-fashioned – simply delicious feasts in the miners’ style!




Karczma Halit Kuchnia Wielicka

Daniłowicza 9
32-020 Wieliczka

phone number: +48 664 751 829

Group booking department – biuro@karczmahalit.pl
General inquiries – karczmahalit@karczmahalit.pl